Manx Telecom Fibre Broadband Roadshow.

Manx Telecom

11:30 - 14:00 | 18th July 2023

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Join us at the Work Cafe for the Manx Telecom Fibre Broadband Roadshow!

Is your broadband keeping up with your lifestyle? Find out…. Join us during your lunch break to have a chat and discover how Fibre broadband can make a world of difference in your digital life.

Meet the team from MT to find out how Fibre broadband makes a difference.

  • How to Fibre-charge Wi-Fi in every room
  • What’s included in our Wi-Fi promise - enjoy total peace of mind
  • How to get the best from your current Manx Telecom Wi-Fi Plus…
  • Find out when your home can get Fibre
  • How to take your broadband account with you when you move home
  • Why Fibre is better than copper broadband technology